10 Logos With A Hidden Smile

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Amazon logo
Argos logo
Crayola logo
Hasbro logo
LG logo
Danone Logo
Thomson logo
capitolfm logo
National Express logo
Pepsi logo


Logos are generally designed to carry a message, which can be seen as a reflection of your ‘brand’ and aim to leave an impact on people who view the logo. Logo designers take into consideration various aspects before designing the logo, such as the nature of business and how they want the customers to perceive the logo. That’s why we at Graphic Realm take time out to understand your business, goals and aspirations.

The reason behind a curve in the logos is that it appears subconsciously to be a smile, which is friendly and welcomes or attracts customers towards them in the first place. This ensures that the viewers are impacted with a positive image about the company. Take for example, Amazon. The curved line with arrow below their logo signify that they have all the products in their inventory from A to Z, (see 40 Logos With Hidden Meanings) whilst also symbolising an appealing smile to the customer.

Graphic Realm can design you a logo! See our work from the Studio.

admin10 Logos With A Hidden Smile

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